Laser Junction is operative in all major industrial sectors in South Africa. From logistics to power infrastructure, construction, engineering and mining, to
industries requiring a little more finesse, such as the medical and electronics markets.


Major Industries



Automotive – Heavy

A key sector of the business is the manufacture of parts and components for the Heavy Automotive industry where Laser Junction supplies over a thousand different parts direct to line to Bell Equipment as well as Global Composites, Profibre and John Deere (USA).

The scope of the work is diverse and ranges from laser cut Plates, Brackets and Cab frames to valued added fabricated parts such as Mirror Arms, Steps and Bin Poles.

A dedicated team assists with the R&D requirements of these customers.

Car and Truck Accessories

The Laser Bars division is an approved original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to General Motors, Kia, Suzuki and Mahindra.

The division manufactures a high quality range of in-house designed stainless steel and mild steel car accessories including Bull Bars, Side Steps and Roll Bars.

Heavy duty Bull Bars are manufactured for the truck market for brands including FAW, Hino, Suzuki, DAF and Iveco.


The majority of the work for the construction sector relates to the manufacture of stanchions and balustrades, from small single-house developments up to large scale projects such as the King Shaka Airport.

The high speed, dedicated laser tube cutting machine produces precise, easy to assemble product for our customers.


Parts and components for the electronic industry range from high volume massed produced parts to intricate once-off assemblies.

Electronic Housings and Enclosures are manufactured according to customer’s designs or are designed in-house according to the customer’s requirements and specifications.


The jobbing shop facilities supports the metal work requirements of a large number of engineering businesses which in turn supply products for a wide variety of industries. The work is extremely diverse and ranges from simple cut plates to complex steel assemblies and mechanical parts.

Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing

Laser Junction has established a long-standing partnership with Filtec Automation, a market leader in the manufacture of bespoke, high volume, industrial packaging equipment. Nearly each machine is a unique design which results in a high number of one-off parts being fabricated from stainless steel.

Other products include the manufacture of complete steel housing for X- Ray units and large housings for heavy duty water pumps.


The bulk of the work in the Medical sector calls for high precision, value adding, stainless steel fabrication. Many of the products manufactured have been designed in partnership with our customers and include items such as stainless steel racking systems, adjustable trolleys and instrument cabinets.


Parts and components manufactured for the mining industry are diverse and range from heavy duty ore crushing disks to full metal housings for rock blasting water pumps.


Laser Junction manufactures a number of high volume products for the power industry including the Jannsen Starter and Incomer panels, Transformer Housings and various electrical trays and subcomponents.

Many of the products were designed in-house in conjunction with Siemens, a key business partner.


Laser Junction is a Qualified Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier for the manufacture of rolling stock parts for the PRASA Project (Passenger and Rail Association of South Africa).

Parts include both interior and exterior components manufactured from carbon steels, aluminium and stainless steel and include both heavy duty parts such as Suspension Frames and Auxiliary Air Module Frame to precision manufactured Seat Frames and Cabin Footsteps.

The rail industry demands exceptional high quality which Laser Junction is able to achieve through its intensive and robust quality control systems.

Renewable Energy

Laser Junction is a Full Member of the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVI) and the MD sits on the Subcontractors Subcommittee.

The business is strategically placed and has both the capabilities and capacities to offer value added manufacturing of steel parts and components for the industry.

Shop Fittings and Point of Sale

Laser Junction manufactures products for several key suppliers in the industry. Such products are generally very high volume and range from simple Hooks and Brackets to high spec Stands and Steel Displays. For many of the products, the in-house design team turns the customer’s conceptual ideas into marketable products.